Profit Thinking puts margin and profit at the center of the company. But it is also characterized by putting people at the center because no margin will be possible without them.

Margin management is not a magic pill that allows you to wake up one day and be able to apply and exploit its full power. The success of a correct and efficient implementation is only achieved if we can train and involve the whole company in this philosophy to use this powerful tool unifying criteria and objectives.

The training of people is the key to transforming a standard company into a Profit Thinking company.

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The best way to understand Profit Thinking is to talk about it.

Do you want to discover the concepts and the power behind this concept?
We offer the possibility to get in touch with the margin philosophy, the 6 P's of Profit Thinking, and the versatility of Margin centers to increase company profits.
A 1-hour conference. A participative, direct, enjoyable session, with questions in which open debate and constructive disagreement will be the general tone.

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Bringing the entire management team, sales team, or department heads to a two-day seminar or Master Class on Profit Thinking is not always possible.

For this reason, we offer the possibility of organizing training and work sessions in the company, with the participation of the company's team. It's the best personal way to get in touch with this management model, analyzing the company's cases, achieving a greater immersion in the concepts of Profit Thinking, acquiring work, analysis, follow-up, and control tools.

These are three-day sessions with the necessary material for the perfect integration of the system in any company.

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An online training program consisting of different modules that explain in a simple, entertaining, but effective way the concepts of Profit Thinking applied to specific company issues.

The online training has five modules, ranging from cost calculation, sales pricing, profit and loss statement, and margin centers to the development of incentives based on the company's results.

These modules will help understand and assimilate the concepts of profit Thinking from practical cases, simple tools with a natural language away from prominent theories, and complex formulas that often hinder rather than help.

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Two full days. More than 14 intensive hours led by Francisco M. López to achieve a total immersion in the concepts of Profit Thinking, acquiring work, analysis, monitoring, and control tools.

Each session will collaborate with renowned experts who will talk about leadership, digital transformation, production processes, team management, sales processes, finance, and control, among many other possible topics. 
Everything is designed to help you acquire the necessary skills that will help you successfully implement Margin Management in your company.

We limit a small group to a maximum of 15 entrepreneurs to facilitate networking and discussion, which is always the basis of any learning process. 
We will share breakfast, lunch, dinner, and experiences in an exceptional environment, with a relaxed atmosphere that will help you learn to unlearn to understand and discover the full power of the margin philosophy and the concepts of Profit Thinking.

We will travel together far beyond the book.

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